Tablets, smartphones and hand language

Today, as I observed my fellow commuters, I started grinning.

Have you noticed men’s body language – to be more precise, hand language – when they’re using a tablet and, to a lesser degree, any smartphone?  The hand is held above the gadget, fingers curled daintily, pinky in the air as if its owner were an old peer of the realm, the most honourable Ashley, Marquess of Friockheim-Prinknash.

It’s amusing enough when the iPadder uses his index finger. It gets truly divine when he prefers his middle finger: it looks as if he’s giving his gadget the bird. All very delicately, of course.

It can get a bit irritating if you’re sitting next to an iPadder in a crowded train: the more enthusiastically he uses his tablet, the more arm movement there is. It gets even worse if it’s a teenager playing on his Nintendo or PlayStation, but now I’m digressing, so let’s stop there.


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