Brain-obliterating heat

August. Energy-sapping, spirit-draining, feet-killing, backbone-demolishing, courage-shattering, hope-destroying, brain-obliterating month of ruthless, savage, searing heat.

Everybody’s standard greeting is not hallo, but a reference to the heat. “Atsui desu ne!” (“It’s hot, isn’t it?”) When summer is over, some inexplicable communication via osmosis takes place and suddenly, without warning and for no apparent reason, everybody says, “Samui desu ne!” (“It’s cold, isn’t it?”) Please note that it’s either very hot or very cold, that this amazing transition takes place overnight, and that everybody changes at exactly the same moment like a flock of birds swerving in the same direction. One day it’s “atsui” at 22 degrees and the next day it’s “samui” at 21 degrees.

That’s Japan.


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