Autumn Buddha

Autumn Buddha at Tennō-ji (天王寺) in Yanaka


Ueno Park Statue of Liberty

I spotted this Statue of Liberty in Ueno Park this morning. According to its plaque, it was originally located in Ishinomaki, damaged in the big quake and then restored by a student at Geidai (the Tokyo University of the Arts, which is just around the corner).

Kusuo Yasuda House, Sendagi

Excerpt from the house’s brochure: “Located in the quiet Sendagi residential district, the house survived both the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake and the WWII air-raid bombings. The house was built in 1919 for Yoshisaburo Fujita, a connoisseur of traditional architecture. He sold the house in 1923 to Zenshiro Yasuda. When the latter’s son, Kusuo, died in 1992, his widow could not afford the inheritance. She donated it to the Japan National Trust instead.”