Manga drawings at Kanda Myōjin

Kanda Myōjin is near Akihabara, the centre of manga/anime culture in Tokyo. It attracts many fans as well as wannabe artists, who leave ema (wooden votive tablets) expressing their wishes at the shrine. The messages range from simple wishes for happiness in the year ahead (I took these photos in February) to very specific wishes for success as a manga artist or, in some quirky cases, happiness for a manga character!

IMG_7785 IMG_7784 IMG_7783 IMG_7778 IMG_7775IMG_7805 IMG_7804 IMG_7802 IMG_7801IMG_7774 IMG_7773


Akihabara sunflower

I found a sunflower growing in a small patch of soil in Akihabara. It was so unexpected that I stopped to take a photo with my phone, although it was getting dark. It’s just past Yodobashi Camera in the direction of Okachimachi.


Take off that backpack!

You. You with the backpack. If you want to travel on a crowded rush-hour commuter train, take the damn thing off before you get on; and if you stand in the passage in the middle of the carriage, blocking it for everybody who has to pass, do NOT … I repeat DO NOT! … give me a dirty look when I knock your backpack sideways as I brush past.

Why are you wearing a backpack with a business suit anyway? Please note that backpacks are only acceptable in the following situations:

1) You spend half your life in Akihabara, most of it at the AKB48 theater.

2) You commute by motorbike. (So what are you doing in the train, then?)

3) You’re a hiker or photographer.

4) You’re a dumb tourist.

Of the above, only (2) and (3) can be readily admitted in semi-polite conversation, and even (2) is suspect.

If you’re a salaryman, get a briefcase already.